| Lib Tech

Innovations are something we actually do understand. Lib Tech is the collective energy of 30+ years of board building and riding. Each year our experiMENTAL Division handbuilds new shapes, flexes, contours, blends, constructions, incorporates new materials and works with our pros and doing hands on testing refining and fine tuning our snowboards. Some times it’s radical concepts that turn snowboarding upside down like we did with Banana Tech Rocker in 2006 or Magne-Traction® Serrated edges in 2002. Some times it’s more subtle contour steps like the new high performance XC2 camber rocker combination. Over the past couple of years we have been working with riders like Jamie Lynn looking back at traditional camber designs. Ski camber mis-applied to snowboards never quite satisfied, but camber re-engineered to include subtle banana rocker contours and applied properly to snowboarding’s two feet inputing energy and control bio mechanical model has some real performance merits for the aggressive skilled snowboarder. This year we applied C3 camber dominant banana to three different models in the line. The Darker Series, the new Hot Knife and of course Jamie Lynn’s Phoenix. The world’s best camber snowboard has rocker built into it! Ride a Banana!