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SMITH SCOUT MIPS matte purple haze | ski & snowboard helmet - Изображение - AQUAMATRIX

SMITH SCOUT MIPS matte purple haze | ski & snowboard helmet

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The SMITH SCOUT MIPS helmet in matte purple offers exceptional durability and Mips® protection, making it perfect for skiing and snowboarding. With its universal fit and eight ventilation ports, it ensures comfort in various climatic conditions. Possessing dual certification, it easily pairs with Smith ski and snowboard goggles, providing excellent visibility on the slopes.

Data sheet

Scout Mips
8 vents
Advanced ABS Shell Construction
ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1078:2007 CLASS B, CPSC
Audio Compatible

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Functionality of the Mips® Safety System

The story of Mips is centered around a hub of science and technology. For more than a quarter of a century, the team at Mips has been deeply involved in research, navigating various challenges and achieving significant breakthroughs.

It begins with a group of committed experts who dedicated their professional lives to exploring the complex connection between brain injuries and helmet design. Engaging in extensive scientific research and numerous experiments, they aimed to discover an innovation that would redefine helmet safety standards.Their persistent efforts culminated in 2007 with the introduction of the first helmet equipped with a Mips® safety system. This event marked the commencement of a transformative era in the realm of helmet safety.

Over time, Mips® safety systems have become an essential feature in helmets manufactured by leading companies across multiple industries, including cycling, snow sports, motorsports, team sports, and construction. Mips® has consistently elevated safety standards in a variety of sectors.

However, the journey of Mips® continues. The safety systems are constantly being refined and improved, thanks to ongoing internal testing and evaluations by independent third parties. The founders of Mips, proud of their achievements, remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and technology to enhance safety worldwide.

What Leads to Brain Rotation?

During a fall, it's common for the head to strike the ground at an angle. This kind of impact generates a tangential force, which can cause varying degrees of head rotation based on the object or surface involved in the impact. Traditional helmet testing, however, doesn't replicate this scenario. Helmets are typically evaluated and certified through a process where they are dropped straight down onto a flat surface. While this approach effectively assesses the impact of a direct, linear force on the helmet and head, it fails to take into account the rotational movements.

Traditional Helmets

Traditional helmets are designed and tested for straight impacts, but most impacts are angled, which can cause rotational motion to the head.

During Impact

The rotational motion can cause brain injuries.

Helmets with Mips

The friction of the layer is intended to help reduce the rotational motion of the head during certain angled impacts.

Mips® Safety System tested in the lab

The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) works by addressing the rotational forces that occur during an angled impact to the head, which are a common cause of brain injuries. Here's a breakdown of how the MIPS system operates:

  • Low-Friction Layer: Inside the helmet, there's a low-friction layer that is designed to move independently from the helmet's outer shell. This layer is typically made of a thin, durable material.
  • Movement During Impact: In the event of an angled impact, this low-friction layer allows the helmet to slide slightly relative to the head. This movement is typically only a few millimeters, but it's enough to significantly reduce the amount of rotational force that is transferred to the brain.
  • Reduction of Rotational Motion: The key function of MIPS is to reduce the rotational motion transferred to the brain. Rotational motion is believed to be more harmful to the brain than linear impacts, as it can cause more severe brain injuries.
Mips патентована система с слой с ниско триене и разработен научоно

Discover Bike Helmets with Mips

Smith bike helmets offer a comprehensive range of options for cyclists of all types, focusing on safety, comfort, and seamless integration with eyewear. Their use of advanced technologies like Koroyd and MIPS provides enhanced protection, while features like VaporFit and AirEvac ensure comfortable ventilation and a fog-free experience .

Discover Ski and Snowboard Helmets with Mips

Smith's ski and snowboard helmets feature advanced technologies like MIPS for rotational impact protection and Koroyd for lightweight energy absorption. The VaporFit system ensures a comfortable, customizable fit, while AirEvac ventilation reduces goggle fogging. These helmets are designed to integrate seamlessly with Smith goggles, enhancing safety and providing a fog-free experience on the slopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Mips safety system?

The Mips system is engineered to enhance helmet safety in various types of accidents. In specific impact scenarios, it effectively diminishes the dangerous rotational forces that could be transmitted to the wearer's head. This system is integrated into a wide range of helmet styles and is utilized by over 100 brands.

How does the Mips system function?

In the event of an accident where you strike your head, the Mips system integrated into your helmet aims to mitigate the rotational forces from specific impacts that could affect your head.

Rotational forces often lead to concussions and serious brain injuries, especially in angled head impacts. The Mips system includes a low-friction layer installed within the helmet. During an impact, this layer is engineered to move minimally within the helmet, aiding in deflecting forces from the head. The purpose of this design is to decrease the likelihood of brain injuries.

Who can benefit from the Mips system?

The Mips system is designed for all helmet users. It's suitable for individuals whether they are cycling, skiing, or engaged in construction work, offering enhanced safety features to their helmets.

Which helmets feature the Mips safety system and why?

Mips aims to be present in any sport, profession, or activity where its system can have a significant impact. The Mips system is incorporated in helmets across a broad spectrum, including nine out of the top ten brands for cycling and snow helmets. Additionally, it's found in motorcycle, horse riding, ice hockey, rock climbing, and children's helmets, as well as in tactical LEAF and construction helmets.

What is the price range and availability?

Helmets featuring the Mips system are available at various price levels. The cost of each helmet is determined by the manufacturing company. Currently, helmets with a Mips system can be purchased from a wide range of leading helmet brands for snowboard and ski helmets and bike helmets offered by Smith in the Aquamatrix store.

Does a helmet with Mips cost more than one without?

The cost varies based on the specific helmet and brand you choose. Generally, helmets equipped with the Mips system are priced about 10-50 € higher than similar models lacking the Mips feature.

How can you tell if your helmet includes the Mips system? How to identify a helmet with mips?

Check for a yellow dot located at the back of the helmet. In several helmet designs, an additional layer is visible inside. In some models, this layer is merged with the comfort padding, making it less noticeable. The presence of the Mips system should also be verified on the helmet's product packaging.

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Whether you're venturing into remote wilderness, enjoying runs in a snow park, or cruising on well-groomed slopes, Smith provides the ideal solution. Their bike and snow helmets are designed with a distinctive blend of Koroyd and Mips, two top-tier protective technologies, to mitigate and redirect the force impacting the brain during collisions. Smith's helmets ensure tailored comfort with high-end fitting mechanisms, adjustable ventilation for optimal temperature control while skiing, and seamless compatibility with Smith snow and bike goggles, ensuring a clear, fog-free vision.

SMITH Helmet Protection

Koroyd technology for protection of snow helmets smith

Koroyd's barrier technology is specifically crafted for real-world, dynamic accidents, providing advanced safety measures that let you explore further with peace of mind. This ultimate protection system surpasses traditional materials by utilizing core tubular technology to create effective crumple zones. These zones excel in energy absorption, consistently outperforming other materials at every level of compression. This superior performance significantly lowers the risk of injury during impacts.

The principle is simple yet powerful: Crumple, Absorb, Protect.

Koroyd's network of protective tubular cells is designed to crumple instantaneously and persistently upon impact, absorbing the maximum force. This process efficiently controls hazardous motion from any impact angle and on any surface, effectively minimizing the energy transmitted to your head. This innovative approach ensures enhanced protection and safety in various impact scenarios.

High Performance

Koroyd offers a blend of reliable protection and uncompromised performance for daily use. This technology ensures a high level of safety without sacrificing the essential performance features you rely on.


The design of the protective core strategically covers essential areas while its open cell structure facilitates the escape of hot air and the influx of fresh air. This configuration aligns with your natural airflow, enhancing breathability during use.


Koroyd's composition, being 95% air, allows for an ultra-lightweight form of protection. This makes the gear lighter, more compact, and faster, reducing fatigue and enhancing mobility for an active lifestyle.

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